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Warsaw will host the festival of short films

XIX European film festival of short films in the format of animation, fiction, documentary, experimental films, and advertising will be held from November 22 to 29, 2010 in Warsaw, Poland.

Ban on smoking entered into force in Poland

Ban on smoking in public places entered into force in Poland. Poland became the latest EU country to introduce such a ban. The ban came into force on 16 November 2010.

Polish Music Festival will be held In Krakow

Festival of Polish Music in Krakow, which is held annually under the honorary patronage of the Mayor Jacek Maikhrowsky, will take place in the cultural capital of Poland, from 5 to 11 of November.

In Warsaw was opened the largest in Poland Marks & Spencer

In Warsaw was held the opening of the shop of the famous British retailer Marks & Spencer. Poland's largest Marks & Spencer shop is located in the Wars & Sawa, Junior commercial center.

The program of the Warsaw Film Festival

On the 8 of October in Warsaw will begin one of the highlights of this fall in Poland - the annual Warsaw International Film Festival. Visitors of the XXVI Warsaw Film Festival will be able to see many distinguished guests, accessible tickets and exclusiv

Square in DÄ…browa GĂłrnicza will be named in the honor of Jimmy Hendrix

The unusual project, including renaming one of the main squares and installation of the monument to the famous rocker Jimmy Hendrix, residents of Zakopane suggested to the authorities.
Photography of Polish master Zuza Kraevska

The Recalcitrant exhibition will be opened in Krakow

The quiet calm of glowing golden autumn in Krakow in the coming days will be lit by the fire of a new cultural discovery. On Thursday, September 23 will be opened "The Recalcitrant" exhibition (Niegrzeczne) in Krakow Gallery of Art (Bunkier Sztuk).

Wroclaw celebrates New Horizons Cinema Festival

Wroclaw, full of summer sun and numerous tourists, celebrates one of the most outstanding cultural events of current summer – “New Horizons” cinema festival (Era Nowe Horyzonty)

Warsaw will host an international festival of arts

Next Friday will bring to the Polish capital, Warsaw, one of the most amazing and colorful festivals of this summer - XVIII International Street Arts Festival.

Poznan will become the city of the creative intellectuals

The authorities of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland - Poznan – plan to hold an advertising company “Breath of Culture” during the hot summer months. The new advertising campaign is designed not only to attract the attention of potential tourists

Schindler's factory opened a new exhibition

A unique exhibition opened its doors to the public on June 11 at the «Emalia» factory in Krakow, which belonged during the Second World War to Oskar Schindler. The exhibition is located in the administrative building of the former factory and takes almost

Krakow invites to the Dragon Parade

Summer is not just a time of holidays, relaxation and solar bliss, but also the countless variety of festivals for every taste, taking place in every corner of Europe. One of them is an amazing festival "Dragon Parade", which will be held this weekend in

Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow exhibits works of Leonardo da Vinci

In the Royal Palace in Warsaw has been opened a unique exhibition of paintings, "Treasures of Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow", the center of which is a magnificent masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci.
Month of Photography 2010

In Poland has begun a month of Photography

In the cultural capital of Poland, Krakow, on May 4 was opened one of Europe's most important cultural events dedicated to the art of accurate reproduction of reality, photography, - Festival "Month of Photography 2010".

In Polish city of Czestochowa is held an international festival of Sacred Music

In a famous Polish religious capital city of Czestochowa is held one of the biggest musical events of the year - the 13th International Festival of Sacred Music.

According to the research, Poland is the most inexpensive place for travelers who prefer to travel by campers across Europe.

According to the research, Poland is the most inexpensive place for travelers who prefer to travel by campers across Europe.

Tourists will not see the Grunwald Battle

The upcoming summer can greatly disappoint visitors of Warsaw National Museum - the famous iconic picture of the Polish artist Jan Matejko "Battle of Grunwald" will be transferred for conservation works.
Polish President Lech Kaczynski

Polish President Lech Kaczynski was killed in a plane crash

Poland's President Lech Kaczynski, the manager of the National Bank of Poland Slawomir Skshipek, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer, as well as journalists and other officials were killed in a plane crash during landing of the presidential plane in Sm

Kino Pod Baranami presents Polish films in English

If you are interested in Polish cinema, but the lack of language skills do not allow you to enjoy icons of Polish cinema, then it's time to visit Krakow. Throughout April, "Kino Pod Baranami" presents a program of «Polish Films in English», in which the m

Germans looking for work in Poland

However, with the beginning of the financial crisis the labor market in Poland has changed uniquely. In search of work in Poland streamed not only migrant workers from CIS countries and Asia. Thousands of workers from Germany today go to the west of Polan

Poland looks forward to Easter holidays

Holy Saturday (Wielka Sobota) is the main day of preparation before the celebration of Easter. On this day people bring to church for sprinkling with holy water the pussy-willow branches, willows or palm trees, and small baskets (Swieconka) with tradition
Easter city decorations

Poland looks forward to Easter holidays

The first days of April will bring into the Polish homes one of the most important holidays for most Christians celebrated in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. It is Easter.

In Krakow will be held the Culture for Tolerance festival

In April, in the Polish cultural capital of Krakow will be held highly unusual for the Catholic Poland Festival - "Culture for Tolerance" - the main idea is to promote the ideas of liberty, equality and tolerance. In particular, tolerance for homosexualit
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Where do the tourists buy fasteners in Warsaw
But what the hell does it mean – travel oriented fastener stock. It sounds strange but the story is simple
Madonna's concert in Warsaw can be cancelled
Polish concert of the legendary singer Madonna, which is planned to be held in Warsaw in August on the 68th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, is in jeopardy.
Poland has translated Communist monopoly into Russian
Recreation industry in Poland is being developed not only at the resorts. Unusual version of the "Monopoly" was created in Poland. "Queue" (in Polish - "Kolejka") is the name of the game that offers participants try their hand in the communist economy.