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The Recalcitrant exhibition will be opened in Krakow

Photography of Polish master Zuza Kraevska
Photography of Polish master Zuza Kraevska

The quiet calm of glowing golden autumn in Krakow in the coming days will be lit by the fire of a new cultural discovery. On Thursday, September 23 will be opened "The Recalcitrant" exhibition (Niegrzeczne) in Krakow Gallery of Art (Bunkier Sztuk).

According to the research of American scientists, Polish women are the most aggressive in the world. An excellent food for thought on this subject can be found at "The Recalcitrant", which is to be opened on Thursday in the art gallery Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow. Eight lovely young Polish artists through paintings and photographs will present the Polish culture from the women’s points of view that are rebelling against the established social and cultural norms.

"The Recalcitrant" exhibition is entirely devoted to emotions and feelings of women and a variety of ways to express them. Represented works with the help of fine art images are designed to show all sorts of aesthetically pleasing forms that can take such a negative human emotions like anger and rage. Rage, which is the driving force. Rage, which manifests itself in the ability to withstand everything, rebel and fight for one’s own socio-cultural space.

On "The Recalcitrant" exhibition, created in a holistic concept of thematic exhibitions, will be presented works of exceptionally high level of art created in the genre of painting, photography, video and sculpture. Talented Polish artists trying to refute the well-established myths (Justyna Koeke, Zuza Krajewska), looking for an artistic dimension of politics, history and culture (Anna Maria Karczmarska, Agnieszka Kurant), raised a rebellion against tradition (Laura Pawela), playing with pop culture codes (Karolina Kowalska) and show the internal processes of rebelliousness (Lidia Krawczyk).

"The Recalcitrant" exhibition will be held from 23 September to 15 October in Krakow Gallery of Art - Bunkier Sztuki, at Szczepanski square 3a. Cheap hotels in Krakow can be booked online on with immediate confirmation of order.

Alesia Belaya

Photo: Zuza Krajewska

Date: 23/09/2010

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