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Krakow is the third largest city in Poland after Warsaw and Lodz. And if Warsaw is the administrative capital, the Krakow is the cultural one. The city was the capital of Poland until the signing of the Lublin Union in 1569.

In Krakow there are a lot of sights of different eras and styles.
The central attraction is, perhaps, the Krakow Market. This squre is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe.
There are situated cloth rows, Sukennitse, surrounded by arcade galleries. Here situated the gallery of the Krakow National Museum, as well as many souvenir stores and shops.

Among the attractions of Krakow should be marked out religious buildings.
On the Market Square in Krakow is situated the oldest church of the city, the Church of the Holy Wojcech. There is also placed the Archaeological Museum’s exhibition.
In addition on the square is situated the old City Hall, built more than six centuries ago.
Within the square or nearby is situated the monument of Adam Mickiewicz and the Maryatska Church with paintings of Jan Matejko and the side altars made by Vit Stvosh.

The Market Square and the Royal Castle, Wawel, are —Āonnected by the Grodzka Street. Here are preserved fortress walls, the cathedral and the chapel of Sigismund.
The historical complex consists of the royal rooms, the treasury and the armory. Also there is a collection of medieval tapestries of Flanders and the largest bell of the XVI century, Sigismund.
In addition there are the tombs of the Polish monarchs, folk heroes and famous poets, and at the foot of the hill located the Cave of the Wawel Dragon.

Around the Old City is located another sight of Krakow, Planty, the parkways built in place of the ancient fortifications.

In the room, where previously was located the arsenal of Krakow, now housed the collection of Czartoryski Princes, including the painting «the Lady with an ermine» by Leonardo da Vinci.

Among the attractions of Krakow is also worth visiting the renowned Jagiellonian University. There is also located the university’s museum.

In Krakow tourist should also visit the famous sights of the city, Kazimierz, place where long-lived the Jewish immigrants from all over Europe. Previously, it was a separate city with its own laws, which became the capital of the Jewish diaspora in Europe. Later the city was included in Krakow and the city wall was demolished.


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