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Poland tips

Poland is a large Central European country with a population of nearly 40 million people. It has common borders with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. The country also has access to the Baltic Sea. The capital is Warsaw, which is located on the River Vistula, Poland's largest river. Highest mountains are the Sudety and the Carpathian Mountains, located in the south. Poland is rich with its lakes, the largest of which is the lake Snyardvy.

When visiting Poland, you can enjoy perfectly preserved monuments of different historical epochs, see the ancient city of Warsaw and Krakow, as well as visit the magnificent churches and medieval castles, which are scattered in abundance throughout the country.

No less interesting would be to visit the monuments of nature: Tatry, Bieszczady Mountains, Sudety, virgin forests of Bialowieza Forest and the Pieniny National Park.

Poland has a rich historical past. Over the long history of its existence the country has been subjected to various tests. The devastating raids of the Tatars and Mongols and wars with the Orders. One of the greatest victories in the history of Poland was won in the battle of Grunwald on July 15, 1410, when allied forces the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland, under the command of the Polish king Vladislav II Yagailo stopped the expansion of Teutonic Order to the east. After such a great victory in the country had begun a period of flourishing. In 1569 after the unification of Poland with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into the federation, Rzeczpospolita, it had become the largest state in Europe. However, the success was followed by a series of defeats that led to the dismemberment of Rzeczpospolita and the subjection of most of territory to the Russian Empire. After a short period of independence in the interwar period, Poland joined the bloc of socialist states, and moved to democracy only in the early 90's. As a result of the democratization process was the entry of Poland on 1 May 2004 into the EU.

National Polish cuisine cooking technologies and products are similar to the dishes of Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. Among appetizers and cold dishes are popular salad made of fresh, sour and salty vegetables filled with mayonnaise and sour cream, meat, fish and poultry, which are served with the garnish of various vegetables. Popular dishes: stuffed eggs, eggs with mayonnaise, but also a spicy snack made of cottage cheese with chopped green parsley, dill, green onion, pepper and salt.

For breakfast you can order kefir, clabber and hot boiled potatoes. For the first course is preferred borscht, cabbage soup, rassolnik, beet soup, solyanka, potato cream soups. Borsch and cabbage soup to served with hot boiled potato. The favorite dishes of the Polish cuisine are dishes from the tripes (Warsaw flyaks, flyaks in a sauce, soup with tripes).
In Poland there are a large variety of fruit and berry sweet dishes (fruit salad, ice cream, sweet pancakes), bakeries and confectionery products.

Work schedule is different from the usual stores. Grocery stores in major cities on weekdays are opened from 6:00 until 18:00 or 19:00, on Saturday, even less, from 7:00 to 13:00. So if you want to purchase something you should not wait until the evening, otherwise you can stay with nothing. On Sundays, holidays and at night, some food stores are opened in major cities, mostly - supermarkets. Manufactured goods shops and service stations on weekdays are opened from 10:00 or 11: 00 to 18:00 or 19:00. In smaller towns shops are closed as early as 17:00.

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Weather in Poland is typical for the Eastern European region. The climate is moderate. The average annual temperature in Poland is 6-8C. Only in...

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