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National Parks

In Poland there are more than 20 national parks, not less than 100 landscape parks, nature reserves and many natural monuments. These are the Tatra mountains, virgin forests of Bialowieza National Park and unique Mazury lakes, as well as inimitable Biebrza swamps, the only of its kind in Europe.

Seven national parks of Poland are put into the UNESCO list of heritage sites. It includes Slovinskiy, Bialowieza, Kampinosskiy, Babjegurskiy, Karkonoshskiy, Tatranskiy and Beschadskiy national parks. All the parks are free to attend, but have rather strict rules of residence. Hiking is allowed only on the paths and the animals can be only photographed. The advantages of these parks are low prices and the variety of species of rare flora and fauna impresses.

The most famous national park of Poland is the Bialowieza National Park, in conjunction with the Belovezhskaya Pushcha of Belarus, is the largest place of preserved ancient forest in Europe. It is also inhabited by bisons and tarpans that can’t be met almost anywhere in Europe. In addition to rare species and unique trees in the park there are monuments of ancient Slavic culture.

Another park is close to Warsaw. This is the Kampinosskiy National Park. Under its protection is the natural system of pine and oak forests, swamps and meadows in the valley of the River Vistula. There are also different types of aquatic and halfaquatic animals (elk, badger, forest marten, crossbill-sosnovik, sandpipers, herons and others). The pearl of the park is the black stork put into the Red Book.

Slovinskiy National Park, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, protects the pine forests on the dunes, swamps and floodplain forests in the valley of the Leba River and coastal lakes Lebskoe and Gardna. The birds are the most spread in the park, they build their nests here. You can also visit the observation platform and the ethnographic museum.

Tatra National Park is a unique national park, which, as Bialowieza, is located on the territory of two states, Poland and Slovakia. It is unique for the protection of the Tatra Mountains, or the High Tatras. Under the protection of the park are the forests, mountain meadows and other flora and fauna of this mountainous terrain. The reserve is famous for some of its records. One example is the Ginger Mountain (2499 m), the highest peak of Poland.

Poland has also a lot of parks and reserves, and each of them is unique. For example, Bialowieza reserve and Mazury Lakes claim the title of the new wonders of the world in the category of natural reserves and parks, and Kampinosskiy Park, located near the metropolis, are visited annually by millions of tourists and nature lovers both from foreign countries and Poland itself. And, of course, the national parks of Poland deserve to be attended. Many species of flora and fauna, ancient forests and unique water and mountain ranges, the availability of recreation in the reserves - this is what attracts visitors from all over the world.


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