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Weather in Poland is typical for the Eastern European region. The climate is moderate. The average annual temperature in Poland is 6-8C. Only in the mountainous areas it is at a level of 0С. The warmest month of the year is July, 16-19C, in the mountains there is no warmer than 9C. On the Baltic coast it is about 16C, which is a result of the influence of sea currents. Weather in Poland during the summer is just for a great holiday, it is warm here, the temperature is not lower than 25C from May to September, and July is the hottest month.

The least warm month in Poland is January. Because of the cold continental air it is cold in winter. The number of the coldest days on average is from 25 days per year along the Baltic coast and up to 65 days per year in the Lake region, in the mountains it reaches 132 -150 days. The number of moderately cold days is from 90 to 130 in the lowlands and up to 200 and more in the mountains. The average length of growing season in Poland is about 200 days.

Unlike other countries, in Poland there is a «phenomenon» of a greater number of seasons. There are not four, but as much as six seasons, although each person can mark even more.

Time of the transition from winter to spring in Poland is a separate season of the year, about a month the average temperature is 0-5C. Spring lasts on average 60 days with temperatures from +5 C to 15C. At this very time the growing season begins in Poland.

Summer and temperatures above 20C begin in Poland in May. And fall begins after four months, and consequently - reducing of the temperature even to + 5C.
However, sometimes in mid-September in Poland begins "Indian summer", when the weather is warm again and bright sun is shining.

In winter the temperature drops below 5C. After a six-week period of transition from autumn to winter leaves finally fall and then comes winter and frosts. Winter lasts for a long time, but it is quite typical for Poland and the weather in Zakopane offers visitors the opportunity to relax and to ski.

In various regions of Poland the length of the seasons is varied. In the north, summer lasts less than 2.5 months, and in the north-eastern part, central and south-west parts it continues all the full 3 months. Winter is lasts on the Baltic Sea and in the western part of Poland for about 2 months and in the north-east - for 3-4 months, and in the Tatra Mountains - the whole 6 months.


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