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The sights of Poland

Poland is a country with a rich historical past. Consequently, the sights of Poland include magnificent works of world culture. Poland may also boast with its beautiful natural landscapes, as well as many nature reserves and protected lands, which maintain its flora and fauna in their pristine form. In Poland there are such famous mountains as the Tatras, Pieniny and the Sudety. Also should be mentioned the unique Mazury lakes and the Bialowieza Forest, Europe's largest nature reserve.

The capital of Poland and one of its main attractions is the city of Warsaw. At the moment it is a political, economic and scientific center of the country. In Warsaw there are many historical monuments, museums and theaters, etc. The main attraction of Warsaw is the Old Town, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here are situated the Castle of the Kings, the famous column of Sigismund, as well as the Cathedral of St. John.

Krakow once also served as the capital of Poland, but now it is the largest cultural attraction in Poland. City reached its peak during the existence of Polish-Lithuanian State being the capital of the largest European state. Because old Krakow was a major trading city, its historic center is the Old Market, located on the square of the Old City. The Market Square in Krakow is one of the largest in Europe. There is situated famous shopping arcade Sukiennice, as well as the famous St. Mary's Church.

Another rich in sights city of Poland is the city of Poznan. It is here that once was born Polish state. In Poznan are buried the first rulers of Poland Mieszko the First and his son Boleslaw the Brave. The most interesting sights of Poznan are Tume Island, the Old Town and the Old Market.

Lodz is the second largest city after Warsaw by the population. Since this is a major industrial city, the most popular attractions in Lodz are preserved mansions manufacturers, as well as the old factories. The Main Street is the Petrovskaya Street, one of the most beautiful sights of Poland, where restaurants, clubs, banks and hotels are situated.

A popular tourist destination on the Baltic coast of Poland is the so-called Tryimiasto. It is an agglomeration consisting of three cities - Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Gdansk keeps some of the oldest attractions in Poland, Sopot attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches, and Gdynia, on the contrary, is one of the youngest cities in Poland and at the same time, the largest European Baltic port.

Also in demand among the guests of Poland are the attractions of such cities as Wroclaw, Lublin and Szczecin. Wroclaw is a major commercial, tourist and cultural center. The main attraction of Wroclaw is Island-Tume with a fortress situated here. Lublin, the oldest Polish city, famous for its Old Town, as well as the fact that during the Second World War the notorious concentration camp Majdanek was located not far from the city. Szczecin has preserved for its ancestors the palace of Pomeranian Kings and once was the capital of the Duchy of Pomerania.

However, in Poland, not only in big cities you can find many beautiful sights. For example, the city of Torun, where is preserved a medieval castle, which served as the residence for the German crusader knights. Also popular is the city of Gniezno, which is considered to be the cradle of Polish statehood. Here had begun the gathering of the tribes into a unified Polish state. The main attraction of Gniezno is the Royal Hill, where is situated a Catholic church built in 970. The city of Wieliczka has an ancient salt mine, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main religious center and the sacred sight of Poland is the city of Czestochowa. This is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in Europe. The main religious building of Czestochowa is considered to be the Pauline Monastery at Jasna Gora built in 1382. Also popular town is the town of Wadowice, the birthplace of Pope John Paul II, known as Karol Jozef Wojtyla.

Zakopane is one of the major sports centers in Poland. Although Zakopane don’t have a lot of cultural attractions, in winter the capital of Poland moves here. There are held the biggest competitions of local and global scale in winter sports, such as, for example, Ski Jumping World Cup, in which is involved one of the most famous Polish athlete of our time - Adam Malysz.

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