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The Polish Baltic

A large number of unsullied sandy beaches, the relative cheapness of recreation and good quality of service each year attract tourists and sports fans from all over the world to the Polish Baltic. In addition to excellent facilities for recreation, the Baltic region of Poland could attract visitors with its unsurpassed national parks and reserves, as well as a multitude of ancient cities and castles with the preserved monuments of a rich Polish history.

In Poland, besides the rest at the modern resorts and visits to monuments tourists can afford themselves to spend some time in the farmhouses in small Polish towns and villages. In Poland, this sector of tourism is well developed, so visitors will not lack in the choice of places to rest. All farmhouses have an excellent infrastructure and services. Also, there are various unique entertainment events, such as local festivals, hunting or fishing in local waters.

This region of Poland has a developed tourist infrastructure with lots of comfortable hotels, rest houses, etc. Excellent cafes and restaurants in the cities of the Polish Baltic will please its guests with the most delicious dishes of national and local cuisines, such as the nut soup, burning trout or Slovinska pear.
You can also visit the restaurants of other national cuisines of the world. The tourists can enjoy discos, visits to the museums and theaters, as well as exploring the local attractions, which are widely spread.

The main tourist center of the Polish Baltic is the town of Leba. It is one of the most popular destinations for holidays among tourists. Particularly, Polish spa town is popular among young people. Here you can hire a cutter or visit the amusement park and many attractions. The city also offers many other attractions for all tastes.

Another popular resort in Poland is one of the so-called Triangle, Sopot. Amateurs of water sports will be pleased with great aqua complexes, the possibility to ride kayaks and canoes, as well as to try to practice on the sailing yacht. For the fans of the health-improving recreation is recommended to visit the wonderful therapeutic baths, built in the first half of the 19 century. One of the world-famous sights of the city is Europe's longest wooden pier that longer than 500 meters.

Other cities of the Polish Triangle are also popular but the prices there are little more expensive in the comparison with Sopot or Leba, although the level of service is at the same high level.

In Poland, the tourists will also be interested to visit located on the coast national parks.
Among them there is the Volinsky National Park, located at the largest Polish island of Volin. Its territory protects the coastal areas and rare species of birds such as white-tailed eagles and others.
In turn, Slovinskiy National Park, included in the list of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO, is the largest in Central Europe park with moving dunes.
All Parks of Poland not only protect the rare species of flora and fauna, but also provide excellent opportunities for recreation in open air. Here you can rent a cottage and enjoy the picturesque scenery of Polish nature.

The Polish Baltic region is very popular around the world. More and more tourists visit Poland. In addition to the popularity, this year the beaches of the Polish Baltic were also recognized as one of the best in Europe, along with the beaches of Mallorca and Portugal.


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