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Culture in Poland

Poland has translated Communist monopoly into Russian

Recreation industry in Poland is being developed not only at the resorts. Unusual version of the "Monopoly" was created in Poland. "Queue" (in Polish - "Kolejka") is the name of the game that offers participants try their hand in the communist economy.

OFF Festival will be held in Katowice

This festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Katowice, which unites such musical styles as pop, rock, folk, punk and jazz. The main feature of the OFF Festival is presenting not only famous musicians, vibrant musical performances and concerts, but also a variety of cultural events such as art exhibitions, seminars and workshops, as well as film screenings.

Photo month festival begins in Krakow

There are only few days left before the start of one of the most important events in the cultural life of Krakow - the 10th anniversary of the Photo month festival in Krakow. The official opening of the festival will be held in Krakow on Friday, May 18 at 18.00 at the Starmach Gallery (ul. Węgierska 5).

Krakow will develop religious tourism

The authorities of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, cultural and student capital of Poland - Krakow - announced its plans to create a company on promoting the city as the main Polish center of religious tourism.

Documentary Film Festival WATCH DOCS 2012 will be held in Warsaw

Annual International Festival WATCH DOCS 2012 is one of the largest and oldest European documentary film festivals devoted to human rights. Human Rights in Film will start in Warsaw on Thursday, December 8.

Five universities in Poznan will be united into one?

In Poznan is being discussed the project on merging of the five city universities into a powerful educational center. It is assumed that it would be able to raise the status of the city as an educational center, and will give an opportunity for the new integrated university to improve its ranking in the world rating of educational institutions.

Warsaw International Film Festival 2011

On October 7, 2011 in Warsaw started the 27th International Film Festival. At the largest Polish film festival in 2011 will be shown about 127 films and 97 short films. The festival will last until October 16.

Exhibition of renowned Polish artists is held in Brussels

Exhibition, which consists of 3 basic blocks, was organized with the assistance of the Polish Cultural Institute in Brussels and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and will take place in territory of the European Parliament.

The "Cold War" comes back to Szczecin

A photo exhibition dedicated to one of the global ideological and economic struggles of the modern world - the Cold War - is held in the Pomeranian Library in Szczecin.

Krakow Festival invites for the Sacrum Profanum festival 2011

Polish cultural capital invites you to one of the brightest festivals in Europe, representing an organic fusion of contemporary and classical music, the main musical event of the coming autumn in Poland, the Sacrum Profanum Festival 2011, which will be held in Cracow from 11 to 18 September.

Shakespeare Festival was held in the northern capital of Poland

One of the most outstanding cultural and theatrical events - Shakespeare Festival - was held in the northern capital of Poland.

Wroclaw is European Cultural Capital 2016

One of the most beautiful cities in Poland, Wroclaw, will be the European Cultural Capital in 2016. This decision was taken on June 21, 2011 by an international commission composed of experts from the EU countries.

Film Festival in Gdynia will be held without Polanski

On June 6, 2011 in Gdynia started the largest Film Festival of Polish movies. This year's festival will be held in the 36th time and will become a kind of summing up in the Polish cinema during the past decade. Program of the current film festival includes 12 films.

Poland is preparing for the Easter

Poles, known worldwide for their exceptional piety, began to prepare for Easter, which according to the Roman Catholic tradition is one of the most important days in the national calendar.

Poland expects tourist growth in 2011

Not only Spain, Greece and Turkey are making plans for tourist traffic, which is expected to spill over into these Mediterranean countries from troubled Egypt and Tunisia. Poland, more precisely, Polish resorts on the Baltic Sea, are also preparing to hos

Santana concert in Warsaw

One of the most famous and titled contemporary guitarists Carlos Santana will give a concert in Poland. Latin American guitar legend will perform in Warsaw at Legia Stadium on June 22, 2011. It is reported by Polish radio

Claudia Cardinale participated in Philips Cinema Mundi Film Festival in Lodz

One of the largest film festivals in Poland, Philips Cinema Mundi Festival, was held in Lodz. One of the honored guests of the festival was a famous Italian actress, an icon of the modern cinema - Claudia Cardinale.

The Gay, the innocent and the heartless exhibition will take place in Krakow

Photos of gloomy people; severe male figures in uniform with rifles; job names, inspired by the play of James Barrie "Peter Pan"; quotes of Comandante Che Guevara and controversial works of the famous American novelist William S Burroughs.

Poland celebrate International Women's Day on March 8

One of the holidays, traditionally associated only with the Soviet Union and Communism, International Women's Day will be celebrated in Europe on March 8. The celebration of the 8th March in Poland will be held under the motto of women's struggle for equa

Tickets for the matches of European Football Championship EURO 2012 will cost from 30 Euro

Sale of tickets for one of the most anticipated events of the coming year - EURO 2012 - will be held from 1 to 31 March, 2011.

In Poland was held a ski championship for priests

The clergy in Poland are familiar not only with theology, but are also fond creature comforts. On 12-13 February 2011 it was confirmed by the championship in downhill skiing among priests, which was held in the Polish resort of Vistula in the Beskidy moun

Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra will play for all people in love

One of the most romantic days of the year, St. Valentine's Day, residents and guests of Wroclaw will celebrate with the original concert in Wroclaw Philharmonic.

Poland: big concerts in 2011

Showbiz life of Poland in 2011 promises to be exceptionally rich. Several major international stars will perform in the cities of Poland in the coming months.

Jan Heweliusz month is being held in Gdansk

The first month of winter has brought in Gdansk not only cold and frost, but also a number of cultural events dedicated to 400 anniversary of a unique personality in the history of the city, Councilman and Mayor of Gdansk, the most talented astronomer, de

Warsaw invites to the Festival of Documentary Films

In the Polish capital of Warsaw has started 10th anniversary annual International Festival of documentary films on human rights - WATCH DOCS.

Warsaw will host the festival of short films

XIX European film festival of short films in the format of animation, fiction, documentary, experimental films, and advertising will be held from November 22 to 29, 2010 in Warsaw, Poland.

Ban on smoking entered into force in Poland

Ban on smoking in public places entered into force in Poland. Poland became the latest EU country to introduce such a ban. The ban came into force on 16 November 2010.

Polish Music Festival will be held In Krakow

Festival of Polish Music in Krakow, which is held annually under the honorary patronage of the Mayor Jacek Maikhrowsky, will take place in the cultural capital of Poland, from 5 to 11 of November.

The program of the Warsaw Film Festival

On the 8 of October in Warsaw will begin one of the highlights of this fall in Poland - the annual Warsaw International Film Festival. Visitors of the XXVI Warsaw Film Festival will be able to see many distinguished guests, accessible tickets and exclusiv

Square in Dąbrowa Górnicza will be named in the honor of Jimmy Hendrix

The unusual project, including renaming one of the main squares and installation of the monument to the famous rocker Jimmy Hendrix, residents of Zakopane suggested to the authorities.
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Poland has translated Communist monopoly into Russian
Recreation industry in Poland is being developed not only at the resorts. Unusual version of the "Monopoly" was created in Poland. "Queue" (in Polish - "Kolejka") is the name of the game that offers participants try their hand in the communist economy.