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Jan Heweliusz month is being held in Gdansk

Jan Heweliusz month is being held in Gdansk
Jan Heweliusz month is being held in Gdansk

The first month of winter has brought in Gdansk not only cold and frost, but also a number of cultural events dedicated to 400 anniversary of a unique personality in the history of the city, Councilman and Mayor of Gdansk, the most talented astronomer, designer of telescopes and hereditary brewer Jan Heweliusz (Johannes Hevelius).

Jan Heweliusz was born in Gdansk on 28 January 1611 and became one of the most prominent persons in the history of the city. Being a gifted astronomer he founded “Lunar topography”. Outstanding scientist Jan Heweliusz discovered and described 10 new constellations, 7 of which are still recognized by astronomers. Exceptional astronomer of his time he was the first Pole, who became a member of the British Royal Society.

In 1641 Jan Heweliusz created an observatory and a library equipped it with modern technologies including a giant 45-meter Kepler telescope. This private observatory was visited by the Queen of Poland Marie Louise de Gonzaga as well as King Jan III Sobieski.

January in Gdansk will be the time devoted to the great compatriot, scientist and politician Jan Heweliusz. As part of the month will be held a number of commemorative events including a concert in the Baltic Philharmonic with Cassandra Wilson as well as exhibition of contemporary tools of the astronomer in the City Museum in Gdansk.

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Alesia Belaya

Date: 13/01/2011

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