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Exhibition of renowned Polish artists is held in Brussels


Poland, which is currently the president of the EU Council, organized an exhibition devoted to the Poles, which is designed to change the stereotype of Poland in the EU as a country of farmers and natural resources.

Exhibition, which consists of 3 basic blocks, was organized with the assistance of the Polish Cultural Institute in Brussels and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw and will take place in territory of the European Parliament.

Polish exhibition "Fossil and Gardens" in Brussels will be composed of three major expositions created by famous Polish artists. The main leitmotif of the exhibition is the concept of united Europe in harmony with the unique features of each country, and in particular Poland.

According to the representatives of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the exhibition "Fossil and Gardens" presents the best features of the Polish national character, such as sense of humor, practical unpracticality, the trend toward self-abasement, as well as openness and optimism despite all difficulties.

Gdansk artist Julia Wojcik created "The Rainbow" installation, which is a massive structure from flowers, located at the entrance to the building of the European Parliament.

The famous Polish painter and photographer Maurycy Gomulicki has created the installation "Ghost: Romantic Post-Vandalism". The author has created a pixel effect represents the logo of the legendary Construction and artistic design high school (Bauhaus, Hochschule für Bau und Gestaltung) on a building in Brussels, which will be demolished.

Artist Dominik Lehman created the installation "Double Layer", which represents two projectors installed in different places of Brussels. One of the projectors mounted in the European Parliament building will transmit images of the streets of different European cities.

The second projector is installed in the Kunstberg garden and will transmit the images of military helicopters fluttering like butterflies.

"The Rainbow" installation will be on display until November 14, "Phantom: Romantic Post-Vandalism" - until November 30, and "Double Layer" - until the end of October.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 03/10/2011

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