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In Poland was held a ski championship for priests

In Poland was held a ski championship for priests
In Poland was held a ski championship for priests

The clergy in Poland are familiar not only with theology, but are also fond creature comforts. On 12-13 February 2011 it was confirmed by the championship in downhill skiing among priests, which was held in the Polish resort of Wisla in the Beskidy mountain range.

The cup of Pope John Paul II is a competition of Catholic priests held on the Polish mountain slopes on the eve of St. Valentine's Day since 1980.

Dressed in black robes skiers conquered the slopes of the Beskidy with the enthusiasm of real athletes. It is worth noting that this event was called the “Cup of Pope John Paul II” not without purpose. It's not just that the first Polish pope enjoys the unconditional respect in Poland. The case is also in the fact that John Paul was an ardent fan of skiing. Today we know that the legendary head of the Vatican secretly left the papal apartments to go incognito on the slopes of the Italian Dolomites.

It is worth noting that in addition to skiing Polish priests highly appreciate soccer. Thus, in mid-March in Sandomierz in the south-eastern Poland was held the 7th National Championship in football among priests.

It is worth noting that in Poland church attendants have long advocated for softening the strict rules of the Catholic Church, by which Vatican governs the way of life of priests. According to the 2009 survey of sociologist Joseph Baniak, conducted among 800 priests, most priests today are for the abolition of compulsory celibacy. Also, among recent popular bestsellers in Poland is the guide to sex for the religious people, which was written by the Polish priest Ksawery Knotz.

Date: 19/02/2011

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