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The "Cold War" comes back to Szczecin

The "Cold War" comes back to Szczecin
The "Cold War" comes back to Szczecin

A photo exhibition dedicated to one of the global ideological and economic struggles of the modern world - the Cold War - is held in the Pomeranian Library in Szczecin.

The exhibition "Cold War, a History of the Divided World" was recently opened in the Szczecin library in participation with the Institute of National Remembrance. The exhibition tells about one of the most difficult periods in modern history, the history of confrontation between the USSR and its allies on the one hand, and the United States and its allies on the other, in the period after the World War II.

The "Cold War" exhibition, which includes photos, maps and documents, reveals the secrets and horrors of an undeclared war. Here are exhibited documents and photographs showing Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt during the meeting in Yalta, which for almost 50 years predetermined division of Europe into the Soviet bloc and the Western sphere of influence.

The exhibition includes photos of America's bloodiest wars in Korea and Vietnam, riots in Hungary and Prague in 1956 and invasion of the Soviet tanks into Czechoslovakia in 1968.

The exhibition also contains materials related to the period of Solidarity revolution in Poland in 1980-1981. Part of the exhibition is devoted to the documents dedicated to the fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of communism and the Soviet Union.

Organizers are planning to publish photos, presented at the exhibition in Szczecin, in a photo album dedicated to the Cold War.

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Alesia Belaya

Date: 25/09/2011

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