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Tickets for the matches of European Football Championship EURO 2012 will cost from 30 Euro

Tickets for the matches of European Football Championship EURO 2012 will cost from 30 Euro
Tickets for the matches of European Football Championship EURO 2012 will cost from 30 Euro

Sale of tickets for one of the most anticipated events of the coming year - EURO 2012 - will be held from 1 to 31 March, 2011.

In order to provide all people wishing to attend the matches of EURO 2012 for equal opportunities, as well as to prevent speculation, the tickets will be distributed only from the official UEFA site

Tickets are divided into three price categories, depending on the location on the stadium. "Category 1" will include seats located on the central tribune and on the opposite one. "Category 2" will include seats on the side tribunes and the upper tiers of the tribunes behind the goals. "Category 3" will include seats on the lower tiers of the tribunes behind the goals.

Depending on the number of visits tickets will also be divided into several groups:

Individual Match Tickets, IMT, are sold for every single match. On each application shall be given no more than 4 tickets for the match, no more than for one match of the day. Tickets for matches are bought only in one price category, chosen by the buyer. When applying for "Individual Match Tickets", filing of additional applications for "Follow my Team" category is prohibited. When applying for "Individual Match Tickets", filing of additional applications for the matches of " Venue Series " category of the same day is forbidden.

The cost of IMTs will range according to the price and category of the match:

Match                               1 category  2 category  3 category  1 category  2 category   3 category

Opening match                250€              140€             45€             2.500UAH    1.400UAH    450UAH
Group matches                120€              70€               30€             1.200UAH    700UAH        300UAH
Quarterfinal matches      150€              80€               40€             1.500UAH    800UAH        400UAH
Semifinal matches          270€              150€             45€             2.700UAH    1.500 UAH    450UAH
Final                                   600€              330€             50€             6.000UAH     3.300UAH    500UAH.

Follow My Team, FMT, tickets is a set of tickets for matches of your favorite team. Ticket set is valid only for the matches of the national team of the country, when a buyer is a resident or a citizen of this country. Follow my team tickets are available only in the second price category and no more than 4 sets for one application. Simultaneous ordering of Follow My Team and Venue Series sets is forbidden. Also there are restrictions on the purchase of FMT and IMT tickets for matches of the same day.

The cost of FMT tickets for group matches (not more that 3 matches) is 210€ or 2.100UAH. The cost of FMT tickets for all matches of the tournament (3-6 games) is 770€ (7.700UAH).

Venue Series, VS, set provides fans for visiting all group matches (3 matches) or all playoff games (2 games) taking place on the chosen stadium. Per one application are available up to 4 sets of VS tickets. Simultaneous ordering of VS and FMT tickets, as well as VS and IMT tickets for matches taking place on the same day is also prohibited.

Prices for FMT tickets:
venue                           group matches      playoff       group matches        play-off

Gdansk                        210€                              -               2,100UAH                      -

Poznan                         210€                              -               2,100UAH                      -

Warsaw                       280€                           230€          2,100UAH                 2,300UAH

Wroclaw                       210€                              -               2,100UAH                       -

Donetsk                       210€                            230€         2,100UAH                  2,300UAH

Harkow                        210€                               -              2,100UAH                        -

Kiev                              210€                             410€         2,100UAH                  4,100UAH

Lviv                               210€                                -              2,100UAH                        -

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Alesia Belaya

Date: 27/02/2011

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