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The history of Warsaw has lasted for many centuries. During this time, the current capital has accumulated many beautiful monuments of Polish culture, but the vast majority of this heritage was destroyed during the two world wars. Almost all the attractions of Warsaw were rebuilt again according to the old charts. And architects succeeded in realization of this plan. Warsaw now even looks better, because old buildings have lost their later completions and now acquired its original appearance.

In the middle of the Warsaw flows river Vistula. Most attractions are located on the left bank.
The most popular among them is, undoubtedly, the Old Town, which was restored after the Second World War. Today it is a complex built in different architectural styles. There are cozy open air cafes, art stalls and the Historical Museum of Warsaw, where are exhibited the collections of the early history of the city. Also there is the beautiful Castle Square. And in the center of the square stands the column of Sigismund III, the second most popular attraction in Warsaw. It was installed in 1634-1644 on the initiative of the king Vladislav VI, the son of Sigismund III, and is one of the oldest monuments in the city. At the exit from the Old Town is located Barbican, the part of the city wall, built in 1598.

The main boulevard and the beautiful sight of Warsaw is the Royal Way, which stretches from the Royal Palace to the Royal Lazienki. Now here is a museum, and in summer are held various cultural events including musical performances and concerts dedicated to the great Polish composer Frederic Chopin. Also there are other pavilions, an amphitheater and two greenhouses.
The Royal Palace, decorated with whimsical external facade and internal wall paintings, is now one of the richest museums in Poland, where located a huge collection of the Polish art.
In addition on this street of Warsaw situated churches, castles, galleries and museums. The most popular attraction of the boulevard is the National Museum, which has many different exhibits.

An integral part of Warsaw is the Market Square. This feature of Warsaw has ancient buildings, shops and cozy restaurants in the style of the Middle Ages.
One of the most popular religious buildings in Warsaw is the Catholic church of the Holy Cross, built in 1679-1696.
Another famous temple is the Warsaw Cathedral of St. John. In 1764 there was crowned the last king of Poland.
Also in Warsaw there is one of the largest existing Jewish cemeteries.
Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, a monument of the Soviet period, is the highest building in Poland.


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