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Wroclaw, along with Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz is one of the largest cities in Poland with a population of about 700 000 people. The capital of Lower Silesia, conveniently located at a short distance both from the Polish capital of Warsaw and the German city of Dresden, is a center of production, education and culture. Also, the city has a developed network of transport communications, including an international airport, two major rail junctions, several highways and two river ports on the river Odra and its tributaries.
The first mention of Wroclaw in the chronicles dates back to the X century. At that time here ruled a dynasty of Polish kings Piasts, and the city was a major trading center.

All Wroclaw unusualness is that it is situated on 12 islands —Āonnected by more than a hundred of bridges. There are many beautiful monuments of medieval architecture. The most famous of them are the Gothic-styled City Hall and Hall of Leopold, the largest building in Poland in Baroque style.
The main attraction of Wroclaw is the island Tumsky. The island is famous for its Cathedral of John the Baptist, the first Gothic church in Poland, the Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew, St. Martin's church, the church of St. Idzi and inclined tower of Capitulum.

In addition to the island Tumsky in Wroclaw are located the Old Market and the Town Hall, where now operates the Historical Museum and the Museum of medallist Art. There is also the Wroclaw University with its Leopold’s hall, where are organized concerts and festivals of classical music, the National Museum of the city of Wroclaw, the former Royal Palace, Church of St. Elizabeth and many other monuments of Polish culture. Also in the city there are eight higher education institutions, nine museums, theaters, opera, musical theater, Philharmonic Hall and various galleries where the art exhibitions are held.

In addition to the Old Town in Wroclaw there is the oldest pub tavern in Europe «Piwnica Swidnica», located in the basement of the City Hall. Wroclaw is also the cleanest city in Poland. There are many parks, the oldest of which was founded in the XVIII century.

No less interesting is the cultural life of Wroclaw. There are held year round a lot of music festivals, the most famous of which are the festival of contemporary Polish music in February, Jazz Festival in May and Summer Festival Wroclaw «non stop», which represents a wide range of various entertainment activities.


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