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Poznan is a unique city with cultural traditions of many centuries. Located on the River Warta, Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland.

Up to the XI century Poznan was the main city of Poland, its capital and the largest defensive center. In the Middle Ages there was active development of trade and commerce. Due to its location at the crossroads of important trade routes Poznan quickly become one of the largest trade centers in Poland at that time. After World War II the city was almost destroyed. But, despite this, the city was quickly rebuilt and continued its development. Currently Poznan is a major commercial, industrial and educational center of Poland.

Because Poznan was a trading city, it is not surprising that its center is the Old Market, which in size is the second after the Markets of Krakow and Wroclaw.
One of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Poznan is the former Jesuit church, located near the Market. And on the central square stands City Hall, which is one of the first brick buildings in Poznan. The eagle, which adorns the spire of the Town Hall, even now is still considered to be one of the symbols of the city. Near the Town Hall is also located a fountain of Proserpine and the pillory.

No less interesting place for visiting in Poznan is Tumskiy island, which was owned by the local bishop. Firstly it was surrounded by the wall and later became a part of the city. In 968 there was founded the Polish episcopate and built the first cathedral.
Also one of the finest monuments of architecture in Poznan is the magnificent church of St. Mary Magdalene, located on the Swentoslawska street and the Palace of Dzyalynskih, where were held the performances of the amateur theater, concerts and exhibitions. Today there is also the Polish Academy of Sciences located here.

Poznan is also popular among amateurs of cultural events. Every year there are held various international and local commercial fairs and exhibitions, which brought together large groups of business people from all around the world.
Poznan is also the venue of the famous Poznan International Fair, where are exhibited the achievements of all sectors of the economy.

In addition, in Poznan are built several recreational centers. At lakes Malta, Stsheshinek and Keksh are held sailing regattas, and on the Lake Malta is also working the center of skiing.


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