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Poland is preparing for the Easter

Poland is preparing for the Easter
Poland is preparing for the Easter

Poles, known worldwide for their exceptional piety, began to prepare for Easter, which according to the Roman Catholic tradition is one of the most important days in the national calendar.

While churches and cathedrals all over Poland are actively preparing for one of the most important festivals of the year and conduct ancient rites of Holy Week, the Poles actively buy eggs, Easter cakes and ham, which are among the most important products on the Easter table.

Good Friday, the day when all believers remember about the doomsday, crucifixion and Savior’s death, is traditionally the most sorrowful day of the Holy Week. On this day churches in all regions of Poland did not conduct religious services and evening liturgy is especially solemn and grim.

Many parishes throughout Poland recreate the symbol of the Christ’s burial. On this day volunteers from local parishes remove the veil from the Groby Panskie - Polish Catholic feature, which is a life-size figure of Jesus, created by folk masters and is a unique work of decorative art.

Holy Saturday in Poland is more lively and full of bright events. In the morning all families wear smart clothes, gather in the traditional Easter baskets colored eggs, cakes, bacon, salt, water and decorated with ribbons willow twigs and go to church to bless the food. On the same day is held one of the most magnificent religious activities – Cross procession with the Holy Shroud. This Catholic tradition is particularly great in rural Poland, where colorful national costumes of the parishioners make the procession bright and unforgettable religious event.

Easter Sunday in Poland is traditionally a very quiet and family holiday. The morning begins with breakfast, where are generously presented dishes blessed the day before in the church: bright colored eggs and lush fragrant Easter cakes.

Easter Monday in Poland is a fun holiday, rich with joy and amusing events. Smigus Dyngus or Lany Poniedzialek (Wet Monday) is a mischievous Polish Easter tradition, when young people traditionally pour each other and passersby with water. In the old days in Krakow girls named Wanda, echoing the fate of the Polish princess, on the Wet Monday were thrown into the Vistula. However, modern residents of the Polish cultural capital refrain from such a hooligan mischief.

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Alesia Belaya

Date: 26/04/2011

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