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Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow exhibits works of Leonardo da Vinci

Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow exhibits works of Leonardo da Vinci
Krakow is a cultural capital of Poland
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In the Royal Palace in Warsaw has been opened a unique exhibition of paintings, "Treasures of Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow", the center of which is a magnificent masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci.

The pearl of the exhibition at the Royal Palace in Warsaw is the Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine - a magnificent work of art created by talented brilliant artist, sculptor, architect and a distinguished scholar of the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

Portrait depicts a young Cecilia Gallerani, who became a court lady in the Milan Court, one of the most famous lovers of the Duke Lodovico Sforza and the mother of his son. Ermine in the hands of Cecilia Gallerani on the famous picture by Leonardo da Vinci is very symbolic. During this period in Milan was the fashion among the rich ladies to keep these small and very affectionate animals as a symbol of purity, dignity and modesty. Among other things, ermine may be a hint of Louis Sforza, whose coat of arms includes ermine.

Before getting into Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow painting made a long and complicated journey. The painting was made by the great master Leonardo da Vinci on the order of the Duke Lodovico Sforza for his sweetheart Cecilia Gallerani. The painting spent some time in the Gallerani family and later disappeared from the view for a long period of time. In the 19 century the painting was bought by the Polish Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryjski for the exhibition in the town museum in Puławy. In the 1830s painting traveled across Poland until it found refuge in Paris, in the Lambert Hotel, where it had been kept for 30 years. During the French-Prussian war the painting returned to Poland and was first exhibited in Czartoryjski Museum in Krakow in 1880. During the Second World War, the picture again left Poland to beautify the collections in Germany. In the postwar period, the unique painting was found in Bavaria and through the efforts of the allied forces was returned to Krakow.

In recent years, painting by Leonardo da Vinci made a new peaceful way through the museums in the U.S., Sweden, Italy, Russia, Japan and Hungary.

In addition to the magnificent masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci "Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine" to the public will be presented such wonderful paintings as Landscape with the Good Samaritan - one of the six landscapes by Rembrandt painted with oil, as well as paintings by Jean Pierre Norblin, Dutch painter Dirk Bouts and an extensive collection of Asian objects of decorative art.

The exhibition will last until the end of September.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 30/05/2010


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