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Poznan will become the city of the creative intellectuals

Poznan will become the city of the creative intellectuals
Poznan will become the city of the creative intellectuals

The authorities of one of the most beautiful cities in Poland - Poznan – plan to hold an advertising company “Breath of Culture” during the hot summer months. The new advertising campaign is designed not only to attract the attention of potential tourists, but to create an image of Poznan as an ideal place for those who prefer not only fascinating cultural holidays, but the bohemian atmosphere of artistic environment.

"We want to show that Poznan is a vibrant European city filled with cultural events and art of international level" - said the Director of City Development Bureau Lukasz Goździor. "Breath of Culture" will be a branding nation-wide company and will provide the public for the very wide range of cultural events in Poznan, among which every tourist will find something special.
One of the elements of the promotion will be a giant transparent cube exhibited on one of the main squares of Poznan, Independence Square. The original sculpture will symbolize creativity and creative energy of artists, concentrated in the heart of the city.

In order to attract attention to the cultural activities of Poznan in Polish major cities will be distributed numerous posters. A large advertising campaign will take place in the press and Internet, as well as the most popular social networking sites like, Tweeter and others.

According to the city administration large-scale campaign is designed not only to draw attention to the tourist attractions of Poznan, but also to form the image of the modern city of art, artists, intellectuals, which can offer travelers a wide range of cultural entertainment. The action will also contribute to the nomination of Poznan for the title of European Culture Capital 2016.

In addition to promotions in Poznan will be held different events. So here on June 17 will began Poznan International Ethnic Festival, which will present the traditional music of various regions of the world. On 26 June in Poznan will begin one of the largest theater festivals in Europe, the jubilee 20th International Theatre Festival Malta, during which visitors will see more than 150 different presentations. Among other things Poznan this summer will host the following festivals: XVII International Festival of Animated Films, VII International Theater Dance Festival, International Contemporary Dance Master-class, the International Jazz Festival «Made in Chicago» and the festival of Art and Fashion.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 25/06/2010

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