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Germans looking for work in Poland

Germans looking for work in Poland
Germans looking for work in Poland

Migrants have become an integral part of the modern labor market in Poland. It's no secret that Poland itself regularly supplies manpower for many countries of the European Union. Since the EU entry vector of migration flows in Poland remained practically unchanged. To the country came for work from the east and south, and the Poles went to work in Western and Northern Europe: UK, Germany, Scandinavian countries. However, with the beginning of the financial crisis the labor market in Poland has changed uniquely. In search of work in Poland streamed not only migrant workers from CIS countries and Asia. Thousands of workers from Germany today go to the west of Poland, hoping to find the application of their knowledge and skills.

Poland was one of the few EU countries that managed to survive the financial crisis relatively painless, with no significant losses. Moreover, in 2009 the Polish economy has shown growth. However, if in Poland was observed a relative grow of the production, then in nearby areas of eastern Germany were significant economic downturn. And from the eastern lands of Germany for work in Poland went about 2500 thousand. In this case, according to the officials of several Western Polish lands, this figure may be much higher because many migrant workers in Germany are working unofficially.

Today the most popular professions among the candidates are operators of call centers and builders. However, many of the employees agree to work for lower pay than the one they received in Germany. This situation is explained by record-high unemployment in eastern Germany, where the number of unemployed is up to 20% of the total workforce.

Commenting on the situation with an increase of migrants from Germany to the border regions of Poland, a representative of the administration of the Polish city of Szczecin said in an interview to the UK Telegraph: «Today, we can show that Poland is not only an opportunity for German tourists to find cheap cigarettes, but also the opportunity to find a job" .

Date: 23/03/2010

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