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Poland is losing small shops

Poland is losing small shops
Poland is losing small shops

Small private shops in Poland lose competition to major retailers. According to the Polish Radio, for the past two years about 50 000 small shops were closed down across the country.

Over the past year the number of small retailers in Poland fell by 6.3%. Most of these stores were selling fish and other foods.

Today in Poland there are 808 fish shops compared with 948 in 2010.

In addition to food spiritual market in Poland is also losing small retailers. Thus, over the past two years 752 bookstores on the territory from Warsaw to Krakow were closed down. The number of stores selling office supplies also shortened.

In addition, Poland lost 11% of fruit stalls and shops.

Soliditet Poland agency, which prepared the report about retail market in Poland notes that the number of fish and vegetable shops declined due to the fact that supermarkets changed its policy and began to offer customers more similar products. Previously Poles preferred to buy fruits, vegetables and fish in small shops.

It should be noted that decrease in the number of small stores comes amid a general growth in the Polish retail sector. In 2011 it was amounted to 4.1%. According to the report of the Jones Lang La Salle consultancy, the growth of retail sales for this period in Poland was amounted to about 11%.

Currently Poland is experiencing a boom of shopping malls building across the country. Only in 2012 400 thousand square meters of retail spaces, most of which will be presented by major commercial centers, will be launched in such largest Polish cities as Krakow and Warsaw.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 17/03/2012

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