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Poland will meet Euro 2012 fans with hot dogs and kebabs

Poland will meet Euro 2012 fans with hot dogs and kebabs
Poland will meet Euro 2012 fans with hot dogs and kebabs

Poland, famous for its hospitality and such culinary delights as beer soup, fragrant flyaks and bigos, will meet Euro 2012 guests with hot-dogs, nuggets, French fries, kebabs and other fast food.

Most fast-food chains will be located in close proximity to the stadiums and places popular among football fans.

According to preliminary data food and beverages sold at Euro 2012 will bring Poland about 400 million zloty (100 million Euros). According to the restaurant business experts, the bulk of fast food income will be accounted for beer and alcoholic beverages.

High incomes, which can be obtained within a very short period of time, are an extremely attractive factor for the small businesses. At the moment small investors are highly interested in mobile equipment for hot dogs and sandwiches street trading.

However, authorities are concerned about this situation as mobile fast food outlets are almost out of control.

Fast food restaurants will also be booming. In the cities hosting Euro 2012 matches will be built hundreds of stationary snack bars and cafes.

According to the industry experts, even in conditions of increased competition existing catering facilities in the vicinity of the stadiums will raise prices at least by 15 percent. However, fast food restaurants far from the stadiums will not raise prices by more than 10 percent.

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Alesya Belaya

Date: 02/02/2012

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