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Poland's new miracle

Poland's new miracle
Poland's new miracle

In Poland, under the program "Wonders of Poland" was defined another monument, which will be given the status of the Polish miracle. It became a manor in the small village of Gorki Wielkie, which belonged at one time to Sophia Kossak, well-known Polish writer.

The estate had been burned to ashes in 1945. Two years ago mansion in Gorki Wielkie was nothing more than ruins. However, thanks to the efforts of Ann Fenby-Taylor, granddaughter of Sophia Kossak, it was decided to restore the building to its original form. Today works on resurrecting the estate in Poland are financed by Kossak family members and grants from the Special EU Fund.

Last year in the part of the estate, which had already been restored, was opened a cultural center. Today it can be visited by any interested person and admission is free. The exposition of this part tells about the story of Kossak family and restores the pre-war interior of the estate.

Kossak mansion was lucky to get involved in the project, where are chosen new monuments and sights of Poland for further funding of their reconstruction. The project was called "Polish beauty - Seven Wonders of the European Foundation". Kossak Manor won the contest in the polls on the Internet. Also European grants for reconstruction can receive Copernicus Science Center in Gdansk and the famous Cloth Halls in Krakow.

It is worth noting that now Poland already has its own list of seven wonders. In 2007 Polish edition Rzeczpospolita initiated national contest to determine the top 7 attractions in Poland. As a result of the national vote in the list of seven Polish wonders got salt mines in Wieliczka, historic city center in Torun, Malbork Castle, Wawel Castle, the Cathedral and Market Square in Krakow, the city of Zamosc and the Elbląg Canal.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 10/05/2011

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