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Grand opening of the oldest suspension bridge will be held in Opole

Suspension Bridge in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Suspension Bridge in Dubrovnik (Croatia)
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The oldest suspension bridge in Europe, situated in the town of Ozimek, near the ancient city of Opole in south-western Poland, will be solemnly opened in early May after the overhaul.

Suspension bridge across the river Mała Panew in the Polish town of Ozimek was designed by the engineer Karl Schottelius. Bridge construction was completed in 1827 and became local landmark and the second largest steel suspension bridge in Europe.

Suspension bridge in Ozimek was available for road transport until 1938. Originally designed for only a 3-ton load, suspension bridge in Ozimek coped with the load 5 times higher than estimated. Subsequently, some architectural and technical solutions of the Ozimek bridge were used in construction of other bridges in Europe, as well as one of the most famous suspension bridges of the world - the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Since 1938 suspension bridge in Ozimek is used only for pedestrians and to the current moment was not significantly repaired.

Major reconstruction works of the suspension bridge in Ozimek started in 2009. The bridge was completely disassembled, all items were thoroughly cleaned and checked for defects, and the steel cables bearing the main load were significantly enhanced. Currently are held works on final assembly of the bridge in its original form in the same place on the river Mała Panew in Ozimek.

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Alesia Belaya

Photo: Ilya Kalachev

Date: 04/05/2011


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