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“Casting” exhibition of Katarzyna Kozira opened in the Warsaw Art Museum

“Casting” exhibition of Katarzyna Kozira opened in the Warsaw Art Museum
“Casting” exhibition of Katarzyna Kozira opened in the Warsaw Art Museum

Exhibition of the talented artist, Katarzyna Kozira, who has made a true revolution in the modern art of the Eastern bloc and became widely known not only in the country but also outside Poland, was opened recently at the National Art Gallery in Warsaw.

The name of the Polish artist Katarzyna Kozira has become not only a symbol of innovation, but also synonymous with confusion and scandal - permanent companions of artists breaking the traditional art notions. Created by Katarzyna Kozira installation «Piramida zwierząt» (Animal Pyramid) has evoked major stir in the contemporary art of Poland, resulted in fierce debates, which involved not only the media, eminent art historians and critics, but also broad public opinion.

A graduate of the studio of Grzegorz Kowalski in the Warsaw Academy of Painting, Katarzyna Kozira in the early 90s was a bright rising star among the graduates, entering through her installations in hot debates with Catholicism, gender prejudices and social stereotypes.

The exhibition will provide the public with a new project of Katarzyna Kozira "Casting", devoted to the creation of her new autobiographical movie. Also, the visitors will be able to see already familiar shocking works of the artist, including “Animal Pyramid”, “Men's Bathhouse”, “The Rite of Spring”, as well as films of the “In Art Dreams Come True” series.

The exhibition will be opened until February 12 in National Art Gallery in Warsaw on Malachowskiego, 3.

Date: 10/01/2011

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