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Winter holidays in Poland

Winter holidays in Poland until recent times did not enjoy great popularity among the tourists. But now the situation is radically changed. More and more foreigners prefer to rest during the winter in Poland, rather than in the most famous resorts of Western Europe. This is due to the truly European level of service, the relative cheapness of the recreation as well as beautiful nature and friendly locals.

Today Poland already has rather developed infrastructure of winter tourism, but it is not going to stop at these level. A good transport network, beautiful resorts and hotels make winter holidays in Poland very popular throughout the world.

On the territory of Poland there is a great number of mountain ranges. It has developed both mountain sports and hiking trips.
In Poland, the most popular and highest mountains are the Tatra Mountains. These mountains will be interesting not only for the skiers of any level, but also for the lovers of mountaineering.
The hiking tourism is also developed enough here. There are routes for the beginners, with a few slopes and extremely beautiful landscapes that can be viewed throughout the track. Also, there are routes for the professionals, where everyone can experience the strength of his body and spirit. The big advantage of the routes is that they have specially equipped places for rest. Here tourists can overnight and eat.
In the Tatra Mountains of Poland are located the main ski resorts: Zakopane, Szklarska Poremba, Karpacz, Krynica Gurska, Pivnichna Zdruj, Ustzhiki Dolne, Shavnitsa, Szczyrk. In winter, these resorts are filled with thousands of tourists. Thanks to the development of infrastructure and high quality of service all the cities never feel the lack of tourists.

The largest ski resort in Poland is Zakopane. This is a recreation center, the center of mountain tourism and winter sports. There is a wide range of hotels, restaurants, cafes and well-equipped tracks and complexes. Also, there are held different competitions in winter sports.

Another well-known vacation spot in Poland is Karpacz, situated in the south-east of the country in the Krkonosze Mountains, the highest mountains of the Sudety. This youth resort is popular as among the lovers of classical skiing as among the fans of the increasingly popular snowboarding and in general all those who love to have a great fun and a good rest.

Excellent opportunities for rest and rehabilitation have Krynitsa Gurskaya resort in the Western Carpathians and Pivnichna Zdruj spa town in the mountains of Sudet Beskydy. There are hiking paths, alpine gardens, concert halls and modern spa mineral waters.

You can also relax at the Szczyrk resort, the training base of the Polish Olympic team in the mountain skiing. There are also ski facilities, lifts, ski jumps and a number of ski tracks.


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