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Health resorts of Poland

The creation of health clinics, health resorts and sanatoriums in Poland has long traditions. Even in the Middle Ages had begun the creation of facilities for recreation, while at the turn of 19-20 centuries begun to construct integrated facilities for recovery and recreation.

Currently in Poland is a highly developed network of health resorts. In total in Poland there are more than 50 health centers for the treatment of various diseases. During balneology and physiotherapy treatment are used mineral waters, curative mud and physical training. Mineral water is used in a wide range of medical procedures. Also popular are all kinds of massages and inhalations. Many health centers have excellent opportunities for the treatment of children.
All the sanatoriums in Poland are located in very picturesque place, so you can relax not only by the body but also by the soul. There are also held the excursions near national parks and reserves.

One of the most popular resort and recreation centers in Poland is Kudowa Zdruj.
Health centers are located near the Stolowye Mountains of the Sudeten mountain range. In local hospitals are used carbonic bicarbonate, calcium, sodium mineral water, and iron and boron sources.
Not far from the Park Mountain is located a picturesque seaside Resort park, built in English style. Here is built a hall for drinking water, as well as a concert hall, where is held the annual music festival of Moniuszko, where are played the works of the famous author.

Another spa resort is located in the town of Wieliczka in Poland. The center, located not far from Krakow is an underground sanatorium for the treatment of allergic diseases. Local therapeutic salt mines are included in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Polish resort Lednek Zdruj is situated in the Golden Mountains of the Sudeten mountain region. It is the center of physical therapy medicine. In the process of treatment are used mineral waters, curative mud, and there are swimming pools with thermal water.

Also health resorts are located in such Polish cities as Krynicy (the possibility of combining the treatment and study of alpine skiing), Duszniki-Zdroj (treatment of osteoporosis and the diseases of the locomotor system), Polanica-Zdroj (cardiology and gastrology) and Bohnia (treatment in salt mines).

Currently, the Polish health resorts are very popular in Europe due to the high level of service, climate, properties of natural mineral waters and curative mud.


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