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Agritourism in Poland

At the moment Poland has a rather developed network of the farm houses. Agritourism in Europe in general and Poland in particular is a popular type of recreation.
Farm houses of Poland today offer a huge range of services for families with children. The competition among those providing such services is quite high, so every host or hostess tend to create the most favorable conditions for the holiday.

In Polish farm houses the tourists can live and eat with the owner, do some work in the field, watch the livestock process and the cultivation of plants. In addition to the ecological recreation you can also be actively engaged in winter and summer sports. Also the owners of the estates can offer all kinds of festivals, exhibitions devoted to agriculture and the dishes of the local cuisine.

Agritourism in Poland provides excellent opportunities for the recreation with children. Children can relax in the fresh air; play on the specially-equipped grounds. For any child it would be interesting to see near the house various animals and birds, to gather strawberries, or to go on horseback
Some agrihouses even have their own ethnographic museums.

Also in Polish farm houses each tourist can taste the famous mountain sheep cheese ostsipek, which is produced by traditional technology in the special tents, batsuvkas.
There is the possibility to watch the process of manufacturing of the cheese, as well as to take part in it, to sample and purchase on the site squeezed by your own hands cheese.

Another point of the agritourism in Poland is the farm village of Voytehuv near Lublin, where were established the blacksmith's village which attracts many tourists. There is opened a museum of blacksmith crafts, and is held an annual international festival of the blacksmiths, where are presented the masters of the different countries.

In the village of Bialowieza in eastern Poland, is located the branch of the Polish Academy of Science, which specializes in flora and fauna of Bialowieza Forest. You are invited to rest in the houses of local residents, as well as to make special trips on the paths of the Bialowieza Forest. It also will be interesting to visit the museum of the Bialowieza Forest.

Agritourism in Poland has a fairly developed infrastructure, but still not as well developed as in Western Europe. Nevertheless farm houses of Poland can offer a variety of entertainments, but the main thing is the rest from the noisy cities.


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