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Szczecin is situated at the inflow of the River Oder to the Baltic Sea and is the largest seaport in Poland. But above all, it is the city with a thousand-year history, which presented to the Poland many historical and architectural monuments.

Slavs first appeared on this territory in the VII century. And in the X century there was already a craft-merchant suburb. Later this land became the possession of Prince Mieszko I, however, Szczecin was annexed by Poland only in 1123. In the later Middle Ages city was occupied by the Germans and was under their rule until 1945. After the Second World War, Szczecin has been practically destroyed, but thanks to the persistence of the people it the ancient city was restored.

The most famous attraction of Szczecin is the Gothic Town Hall, located on the Old Town Market Square. Now here is located the Historical Museum of the city. Also this place is famous for the fact that here on the Fonarnaya street, in the house number 1 was born the future Russian Empress Catherine II.
Near the Town Hall is situated a stone Gothic building, the house of Loytzev, widely known in Europe bankers and traders, who lent money even the kings.
Also, no less famous in Szczecin are the boulevard Waly Chrobrego. Here you can rent a boat or something bigger in order to view the port and the city's sights from the sea.

In Szczecin is also located the National Museum, which has the collections of works of medieval art and art of 18-20 centuries, the sections of archeology, natural history and art of forging.
The real cultural center of the city is the Castle of Pomeranian Princes. Now it is a museum of art and culture. There are also held choral festivals, concerts of classical music, opera performances and candlelight chamber music evenings. In addition, you can visit the theater, art gallery, cinema, cabarets and restaurants located on the territory of the castle.

Beautiful sacred monument of Szczecin is the Gothic Cathedral of St. Jacob, which began to built in 1187. For many centuries it had been being building and rebuilding, and after the bombing during the Second World War the restoration works were conducted and last even now. Also in the cathedral there is the Diocesan Museum.
The Church of St. Peter and Paul in Szczecin is the oldest Christian church on the territory of Pomerania. It was founded in 1124 by one of the most famous Christian missionaries of the Middle Ages Otto Bamberg, and after a century there grew up a gothic cathedral.

In Szczecin, in addition to the contemplation of its cultural monuments you should visit the most interesting events, such as maritime festival «Sea Days», where various sports and recreational activities and games with prizes and fireworks are organized.


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